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kh_mangaicons's Journal

Graphics of the KH Manga and Novel Series
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1. Strictly only icons, wallpapers, banners, colourbars and any
kind of graphics made from the Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of
Memories and Kingdom Hearts II manga and novel series. Basically, as long
as it's KH-related and drawn by Amano Shiro, then it's fine. If you make
a big batch of icon mixes and have some manga/novel icons in that batch,
yes, that is allowed here.

2. No plugging icons that aren't made by yourself. If you do want to plug
someone else's icons, ask for their permission first.

3. Pairing-related icons, either straight or homosexual, are all allowed.
Just make sure you leave a notice on it.

4. Obviously, all members must be nice to each other. I might not mod this
place much but I'm not scared to use my mod powers if anything bad bursts
in here! >:O

5. Of course, LJ-cut your stuff except for the teasers. Also, this isn't a
must but it'll be very handy to state outside of the LJ-cut what characters
or pairings you have in your batch instead of just "Kingdom Hearts manga
icons" because that's just... obvious. :P

6. Feel free to use this resource list entry to look for scans. If you're an
icon creator, I'd rather you credit the scan providers instead of this
community, though. (Unless the scan provider doesn't want to be credited?)

7. No promoting communities, please.

8. Lastly, have fun!